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Roy could see around corners, but he would show you the way too, though you wouldn’t know it at the time. That realization would only come later when Roy wasn’t around.   Mark Wallenger, 2010

Roy Holt was a British contemporary artist specialising in painting. He worked from his London based studio and was a principal Lecturer in Fine Art and Reader in Contemporary Fine Art Practice at Liverpool School of Art, John Moore's University. He studied at the Royal Academy Schools and later at Goldsmiths College. His work has been exhibited widely in museums and galleries in the UK and internationally. 
His work is a combination of visual simplicity and philosophic complexity. His images expand in the mind long after they have been viewed and his enquiry invites us to consider the fundamentals of percept and concept. He suggested that art should offer 'Objects of Speculation' - indeed he viewed reality as being open to interpretation, in a state of flux, latent with possibilities and multiple viewpoints. In this way he challenged the concept of nouns as immovable things by introducing questions and new possibilities. 

He was a magician who took great delight in whipping the carpet from beneath our feet, showing us the insubstantiality of all these nouns and classifications. His work demonstrates that meaning is always a contingency, a flexible contract between viewer and object. That the concept informs and influences percept, affecting not just what we see, but what we can see.

Roy Holt has left a rich legacy of work which is ripe with his characteristic passion, playfulness and enquiry. In his absence his presence is still felt. His voice remains very clear and his speculations continue to enrich viewers with their interesting paradoxes and new ways of seeing the world.

image of Roy Holt with 'A Folly of Choices'
Roy Holt with 'Folly of Choices' 1992, photo by Gareth Winters