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Roy could see around corners, but he would show you the way too, though you wouldn’t know it at the time. That realisation would only come later when Roy wasn’t around.  
Mark Wallinger

image of Roy Holt with 'A Folly of Choices'
Roy Holt with 'Folly of Choices' 1992, photo by Gareth Winters

Roy Holt was a British artist specialising in painting. He studied at the Royal Academy Schools and later at Goldsmiths College. He worked from his London based studio and was also a Senior Lecturer and Reader in Contemporary Fine Art Practice at Liverpool School of Art, John Moore's University.

His formal specialism was colour. He was a passionate disciple of Joseph Albers, a powerful influence on his work, particularly evident in the series of paintings created whilst at the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam in the '70s.

Along with his fellow Goldsmiths cohorts, they challenged boundaries in art as no others of his generation were doing and opened the doors for the contemporary art of today.

His theories such as ‘Art as Folly’, ‘Painting is Thin Sculpture’, and art being ‘Objects of Speculation’ are now common parlance amongst the artists he influenced at Liverpool School of Art, Goldsmiths, and the Royal Academy. Recognised for his striking intellect, astounding use of colour and powerful imagery, he exhibited widely in museums and international galleries.